We're personalised

updoon is a service and consulting enterprise that was founded in 2014 and covers Europe as well as North America. We fit project informations and tenders, contacts, sales activities and CRM software into your custom requirements.

Our Vision

The success of sales activities stands and falls with the strength of its basis. Sound information within a lean, original and personalised system are a solid basis for sales-related company success. Our vision is an individual product that is personalized, easy to read and fast and triggers exactly the right measures at exactly the right moment. That is what we would like to work on with you. 

Our Philosophy

Constant learning and improvements are not only important for us as founding team but also play a key role in our company philosophy. For you, this means a ongoing development process during which we will constantly provide you with new improved aspects our services that are tailor-made for your demands and genuine needs. Updoon is your universal sales tool.

Our Mission

Individually pooled information that are up-to-date and filtered and form the basis of an efficient and effective sales activity.

Our Name

updoon, Low German (dialect) = to collect


"To collect something means passion,

Passion shows determination.

Determination in regard to information

and sales creates efficiency.

Efficiency enables you to be that blink of an eye

faster than your competitors.

This blink of an eye is motivating us every second

to find a tailor-made solution

for every one of our clients, every day."


(Founder, 2014)

Our Team

Our head is an important part of success.

You want to get to know the heads and the offer of updoon even better?