How does it works

We at updoon have taken more than a year to develop a tool that is tailor-made for the customer and filters projects, tenders and contacts online. In comparison to other AIs, we do not exclude humans.

Project managers who are familiar with your company and sales representatives view every single information and are therefore able to react in no time (new programming & coding).  Thanks to a constant optimisation and the involvement of your sales representatives, we are able to provide a product that is tailored to your needs. By now, updoon filters more than 1.2 million information within the German-speaking area alone and it gets more and more every day. Out of these 1,200,000 information a day, only those remain that could be of real importance for the individual customer. At the moment, this is 0.05% on average (distributed amongst all our customers). Out of this share (0.0005),  another 60-80% are confirmed by the project managers and forwarded to the respective sales representative or the contact provided by our customer.

Your Benefits

  • only information that are tailored to your activities 
  • daily supply (monday-sunday)
  • direct implrementation into your CRM system or on demand, setup of individual databases
  • no flood of information
  • time and cost effeciency
  • ressource savings (personal costs)
  • new customers and contacts
  • constant optimisation by upoon
  • Expansion? New markets? No problem! updoon grows with you and your requirements.